EgoSecure Data Protection Helps Compliance with the EU GDPR

EgoSecure Data Protection

If you read our recent blog on the EU GDPR, you will know that it’s COMING. It will however be in the form of a UK Data Protection Act 2018 (DPA 2018), yet to be enacted. You will also know that out of the 99 articles, five can be addressed by Data Protection and Security technologies. It is these which are explored here.

These five articles (25, 30, 32, 33 and 34) relate to:

  • prevention of attacks by data encryption,
  • monitoring of data breaches without encryption,
  • privileged access control,
  • collecting audit data,
  • managing data transfer in real time.

We will explore these in more detail below.

EGOSECURE Technology Underpins the DPA 2018

The good news (and a relief to many) is that there is security technology that underpins compliance with these five articles, i.e. EgoSecure Data Protection version 12. The great news is that it does so as a modular, yet fully integrated solution – one interface, one database, one installation.

EgoSecure Data Protection helping compliance with EU GDPR


“As a German software vendor, our solutions already meet the German Federal Data Protection Act, which is one of the strictest laws in the EU. We know that by leveraging our experience and know-how, our technologies can help organisations ensure compliance to the EU GDPR (and local enactments).”

Sergej Schlotthauer, CEO of EGOSECURE

Addressing Compliance with these Five Articles

We have picked out the five articles (you can see them all here), summarised each in relation to their GDPR requirements and outlined our approach to addressing them as follows:

Article 32 EU GDPR: Security of Processing

While encryption is not mandated, it is referenced five times in the regulation and particularly in this article. Encryption is an important part of the protection measures provided by EgoSecure Data Protection Version 12.

EGOSECURE protects by encrypting; Cloud, Device, File & Folder, Full Disk, Mail, Network Folder, Android/iOS and Permanent. It encrypts your data easily and comprehensively – anywhere!

Article 34 EU GDPR: Communication of a Personal Data Breach to the Data Subject

EGOSECURE monitors data transfer by its Audit function. There is a report of unencrypted file transfers predefined in the platform. It can also prove that files were encrypted at the point of any breach.

Articles 32 and 25 EU GDPR: Privileged User Access Control

The EGOSECURE Access Control and Application Control modules ensure that no one gets unauthorised access to applications, devices or specific file types. It also stops Ransomware once and for all!

Articles 30 and 33 EU GDPR: Audit Data, Monitoring and Control

With EGOSECURE’s Audit and Insight modules, all data transfer is monitored in real time. Any  atypical working behaviour is automatically flagged by the modules and notified as you decide. Our data management system aligns with PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) principles when dealing with security risks. Any introduced measures are reviewed and readjusted; the responsibility of our Insight module.

EgoSecure Data Protection in Summary

Organisations use technology for maximum efficiency. With EGOSECURE, those resource-intensive multiple products, GUIs, bolt-ons, databases……and security uncertainty, are now a thing of the past.

With EGOSECURE we have a unified, integrated and comprehensive data protection solution:

  • with a common database.
  • with a central management console.
  • that lets you know the security you need.
  • that delivers automated protective measures­ (based on pre-defined rules).
  • delivered by only one installation (you then simply activate those functions you need).

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