KSM Castings Group, Germany

Our first real ‘encounter’ with Egon took place during CeBIT 2016. Earlier, we had been in telephone contact with EGOSECURE´s sales team to discuss our various security issues.
After experiencing EGOSECURE live, it was a simple decision to go for the product. We were particularly impressed by the ease of integrating EgoSecure Data Protection into the existing domain structure and its ability to roll out the client software via ‘group assignments.’
The most important argument for EGOSECURE, was a ‘Locky’ attack that hit us in 2016. While it may not have prevented the actual attack, it would have protected us from the effects of this crypto-trojan.
It was therefore clear that our requirement for the EGOSECURE solution needed to be in the areas of Control, Application Control and Encryption.
As a supplier and development partner to the automotive sector, any company like us must establish a high security stance.
Transporting design data and construction details, on the likes of private notebooks, or even via USB sticks, previously represented a considerable security risk. Under these circumstances, EGOSECURE offers a secure solution, due to its easy-to-use encryption and by controlling the use of external USB devices.
Another important reason for implementing EgoSecure Data Protection is its ability to comprehensively control the software used in our client systems. Traditionally, users have had local administration rights and as a result, we have unauthorised software being used in the company. With ‘Application Control’ we are able to get this issue under control.
Currently, EGOSECURE is still in the rollout phase. But it is already clear that we have made the right decision!