Martin Reich GmbH – Vehicle construction, Germany

“We implemented EGOSECURE’s endpoint security solution, after a comprehensive evaluation of various solutions. Only EGOSECURE was able to convince us that they could meet our strict functionality and administration requirements. One of our main objectives was to limit the use of removable media, such as USB sticks. It would be fatal if sensitive data, such as the CAD models of our vehicles, could leave the company without any controls and authorisation.
It was also important for us to determine precisely which applications can be run on our employees’ workstations. A homogenous IT environment helps to ensure a secure network and reduce maintenance costs. The Windows Group Guidelines alone do not offer the extent and clarity as that offered by EGOSECURE.
While the administrative interface of the solution is largely self-explanatory, EGOSECURE’s support is always available and ready with advice and help. EgoSecure simply works – and it does so trouble-free and without noticeable loss of performance on the end devices.
The recently introduced module Insight, allows us to monitor the IT-related actions of our employees, to ensure we are adhering to data protection guidelines. We also have the facility of dual control, should this be necessary.”