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    GDPR – a great challenge? Gain GDPR compliance with EgoSecure

    The challenge

    Due to the widely differing data protection regulations within the EU countries, the EU Commission has developed a general directive on the protection of the data of EU citizens – the “General Data Protection Regulation – GDPR.” In the past, the German Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) was one of the most stringent laws within the EU, which is why many provisions of the BDSG will be included in the new directive.

    The GDPR will become valid on 25th May 2018 throughout the EU and most companies will have to take additional safety measures to meet the requirements.

    As a German manufacturer, EGOSECURE has been helping more than 2,000 German companies comply with the provisions of the (more stringent) BDSG for over 10 years. As a result, we are the obvious partner to help you master the challenges of GDPR.

    EGOSECURE compliant with GDPR

    EgoSecure Data Protection offers a complete solution portfolio that solves the most important data protection issues at the endpoints, meeting the requirements of GDPR.

    Requirements and solution

    Article 32 of GDPR – Prevent attacks by data encryption:
    EGOSECURE protects these data storage devices by implementing Cloud Encryption, Device Encryption, Folder Encryption, HDD Encryption, Mail Encryption, Network Folder Encryption, etc..

    Article 34 of GDPR – Monitoring of data breach without encryption:
    EGOSECURE monitors data transfer by the Audit function. There is a report of unencrypted file transfers pre-defined in the platform.

    Article 32 and 25 GDPR – Privileged user access control:
    EGOSECURE Access Control and Application Control makes sure that no one can get unauthorised access to applications, devices or specific file types.

    Article 30 and 33 of GDPR – Audit data and monitoring:
    EGOSECURE Audit and Insight modules monitor data transfer in real time. It sends automatic notification by specific behaviours to a designated authority.

    EGOSECURE – a simply beautiful solution

    With EgoSecure Data Protection, the German security specialist EGOSECURE has been the innovation leader in comprehensive data protection solutions for more than 10 years. Not only compliance with current laws and industry norms are supported, but data is also secured at all endpoints throughout the entire business process. EGOSECURE is the first manufacturer in the world to combine the analysis of data and protection modules in one solution. Both are closely linked through one management console, one database and one installation and administration function. This guarantees fast installation and simple administration, as well as a minimal needs for user training. All true to our motto, “we make the complicated things easy.”


    Download our GDPR whitepaper now!

    If you would like to evaluate the status of data security in your company, you can download the trial version of EgoSecure Data Protection here.

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