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    This is an excerpt from our customer references. You have got questions about a specific industry? Our staff are happy to assist you.

    Detailed case studies

    Success Story Baden-Baden


    Success Story Enzkreis


    Success Story Criminal Investigation Office Saarland


    Short references

    • KSM Castings Group, Germany

      Our first real ‘encounter’ with Egon took place during CeBIT 2016. Earlier, we had been in telephone contact with EGOSECURE´s sales team to discuss our various security issues. After experiencing EGOSECURE ... Read more
    • City of Garbsen, Germany

      “We’ve been searching for a USB monitoring tool for a long time and have tested different products. However, no other program has proved itself in our opinion. In 2009, we became ... Read more
    • Oder-Spree hospital, Germany

      “With EGOSECURE, we have the management of our devices, including mobile devices, safely and reliably under control. We were especially surprised by the fast and easy installation of the software.” Read more
    • Martin Reich GmbH – Vehicle construction, Germany

      “We implemented EGOSECURE’s endpoint security solution, after a comprehensive evaluation of various solutions. Only EGOSECURE was able to convince us that they could meet our strict functionality and administration requirements. ... Read more
    • Oskar Lehmann GmbH & Co. KG, Blomberg / Germany

      “To date, we have been using an anti-virus solution from a competitor, for about 150 clients, administered via a Microsoft Windows Server 2003. Since the support for this operating system ... Read more
    • Kühn Security, Hildesheim / Germany

      “In our opinion, EgoSecure Data Protection is the best data security solution, because the price / performance ratio, as well as the conceptual approach are simply unbeatable. The new module ... Read more
    • Elisabeth Hospital, Kassel / Germany

      “With EGOSECURE we got the management of our devices under control, right from the start. The use of third-party devices and the unauthorised access to data and data carriers can ... Read more
    • Criminal Investigation Office Saarland / Germany

      “With EGOSECURE we had the management of mobile devices under control from the start,” said Mr. Michael Kraemer, Chief Inspector and heat of the LKA. “In addition to the comprehensive ... Read more
    • City of Baden-Baden / Germany

      “We already had experience with other manufacturers in the field of endpoint security, but our diverse system landscape always caused problems. Only EGOSECURE could meet our demands, because the solution ... Read more
    • Universa Lebensversicherung AG

      “In EGOSECURE, we have found a professional security solution that will protect our client landscape against unauthorised data transfers without disrupting our users’ work.” Read more
    • Head office of waterways and marine , Kiel / Germany

      “With EGOSECURE the management of open ports and devices has become child’s play. It’s never been easier to release new devices in a closed environment. Operation is intuitive and support ... Read more
    • County Enzkreis / Germany

      “The decision as to which ports are opened, is based exclusively on the needs of the user roles and activity, but always taking into account the IT protection needs. We ... Read more
    • Kneip Communication S. A. (“KNEIP”)

      After analyzing several security solutions on the market we decided to go for a “Proof of Concept” of these products. The main reasons in favor of EgoSecure Endpoint are: integrated and easy ... Read more
    • groupm, Düsseldorf / Germany

      „What we really like about EgoSecure Endpoint is its integrated functionality within an overall concept. As opposed to key vendors’ offerings, where you buy multiple individual products, the EgoSecure components ... Read more
    • State reservoir administration of the free state of Saxony

      “We can find a variety of approaches to our current most urgent topics within the solution of EgoSecure. The easy administration and transparency for the users are convincing. It is ... Read more
    • Wild GmbH & Co. KG / Germany

      “We were already using the solution of another manufacturer for about 2,000 users when we decided to change to EgoSecure. This solution has almost all the features that we expect ... Read more
    • Secure Infrastructure for sensitive student data (Excerpt from article by Citrix Systems)

      In the detailed planning of the concept, the project team worked very closely with the Ministry of Culture and the Data Protection Officer of the county Hessen. This has ... Read more
    • base-camp IT Security & Solutions GmbH, Munich-Vienna / Germany-Austria

      “As a security specialist we are constantly seeking innovative solutions to the security problems of our customers. In the field of endpoint security, EgoSecure is the unique technology leader for ... Read more
    • TAP Desktop Solutions GmbH / Germany

      „Data security is a very important issue, and we are very grateful to have found a reliable as well as creative partner such as EgoSecure.” Read more
    • Matrix42

      “If one looks at the relevance of corporate IT for business success, it soon becomes clear that we cannot turn blind on the fact that many sensitive data leave the ... Read more