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  • Phone: +44 (0)203 876 8310
    Email: admin@egosecure.co.uk



    Sergej Schlotthauer (CEO)

    Sergej Schlotthauer founded the company EgoSecure in 2007 which was at that time known as cynapspro. He was responsible for establishment and development of product portfolio from the very beginning and with his development team managed to expand it to the present innovative solution concept. In addition to his CEO position, Sergei Schlotthauer is responsible for product development to ensure that EgoSecure solution is the innovation leader in data security.



    Thomas Schmidt (Director of Sales)

    With more than 20 years of sales experience in the IT environment Thomas Schmidt knows the requirements in the market. Since 2013 Thomas has been a member of the EgoSecure team and actively supports the development of the EgoSecure solution. In his position as head of sales, he is responsible for the further market expansion, as well as EgoSecure´s expansion as market leader.



    Reinhard Dransfeld (Partner Management)

    As Head of Sales Reinhard Dransfeld is responsible for the international expansion of the EgoSecure sales channel.




    Daniel Döring - EgoSecureDaniel Döring (Director of Professional Services & Strategic Alliances)

    Daniel Döring has been a member of the EgoSecure team since 2007 and thus supports the development of the product portfolio from the very beginning. As the Head of Professional Services, he is responsible for entire support and consulting and his team supports international customers and partners during the implementation and execution of complex IT-security projects. In his role as Head of Strategic Alliances, Daniel Döring is responsible for the establishment and expansion of the cooperation with established manufacturers in the IT industry.


    Sascha Deger (Director of Product Engineering & Support)

    Sascha Deger has been a member of the EgoSecure team since 2008 member and therefore knows the development of the product portfolio from the beginning. In his role as Head of Quality Assurance, he ensures that the requirements in terms of product and process quality are met and maintained and therefor new quality standards can be set. He is an important interface for development, in order to incorporate customer requirements directly into the further developments.



    Board of directors