News Whitepaper: Protection against BadUSB Malware

For some years, the so-called BadUSB has been doing the rounds; it’s a common and powerful attack vector that can put any organisation at risk. A BadUSB is a USB stick loaded with malware, or malicious code. It is camouflaged and, because it acts as a keyboard, it is hidden from any anti-virus programmes, or other protective mechanisms. In this guise as a supposedly authentic keyboard, it can practically control the computer and execute arbitrary commands. Just a few examples of its behaviour might include; establishing connections to other computers, running Ransomware, deleting, or encrypting disk storage on the hard disk. It can also copy data to the BadUSB stick, or even to the cloud.

EGOSECURE offers various possibilities to protect yourself against malicious USB Sticks. To find out more, please read our latest whitepaper: BAD_USB_Whitepaper_UK